Small Breeds Farm Park & Owl Centre
Open from Feb 10th every day to Nov 4th 2018: 10:30am-5pm
01544 231109
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Get really close to our amazing collection of owls with our Owl Experience within the Owl Centre

Our Owl Experience gives you the very best way to enjoy one of the finest collections of Owls in Europe

  A memory to be treasured for ever.  

Book early to avoid disappointment!

An extraordinary hands on experience shadowing our Senior Owl Keeper that allows you time behind the scenes of owlet rearing

Owl Experiences are available in the Breeding Season (approx March till July) from 8:30am to 10:30am.

Begin your morning with a complimentary drink and introductions with our Keeper.

Before the Centre opens, a Guided Tour through the Owl Garden, seeing owls from around the world.

Discover our off-show Incubation Room, where you will check for life in the eggs and monitor embryos to the point of hatching.

Be involved with the preparation of breakfast for our owlets – not for the squeamish!

Feed and handle our owlets, learning about their development from hatching to fledging.

Come nose to beak with our Tame, hand-reared Owls as you carry them up from their overnight flights to their day perches in preparation for their day ahead – a fantastic photo opportunity!

And your day doesn't end there as you then have access to the rest of the Farm Park, where you can spend time in the company of our delightful (and occasionally mischievous) miniature breeds of animals and birds.

Please telephone 01544 231109 to book your Experience.

  • The cost is £78pp which includes admission to the Farm Park afterwards
  • Payment must be made in advance by debit card, cash or BACS transfer
  • For people aged 16 years upwards
  • To share this Experience with one other person, the cost is £156
  • To ensure you get the best possible Experience, a limit of 2 people applies


Three owlets in a row
Owlets looking up

Esmerelda owl

  A fantastic and informative place,
you are never too old to learn