Small Breeds Farm Park
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Waterfowl, Pheasants and Poultry at the
Small Breeds Farm Park

  Chicks and ducks were absolutely adorable.  

  Amazing collection of pheasants in a beautiful enclosure.  

Come and see us soon...

Waterfowl, pheasants and poultry at the Small Breeds Farm Park

The landscaped waterfowl enclosure is spanned by a raised board walk. This is a tranquil place where you may wish to sit and view some of the worlds most delightful ducks, geese and swans.

Our collection of miniature poultry breeds are selected for their beauty, character and friendliness.

Encircling the Millennium Dome are flights which house some of the most spectacular breeds of pheasant.

From Easter to the end of July small clutches of chicks and ducklings are hatched each week.

You may be lucky enough to see that very special moment when they break out from the confines of their shells.

Swaggering rooster

Golden Pheasant
Duckling up close

Black Swans

  This is one of the best run and family orientated places we have ever visited.