Small Breeds Farm Park
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The amazing collection of owls at the
Small Breeds Farm Park

One of the finest collections of Owls in Europe

  A fantastic and informative place you are never too old to learn.  

  This is a special place.  

Come and see us soon...

The amazing collection of owls at the Small Breeds Farm Park

It has taken many years to gather together one of the finest breeding collections of Owls in Europe.

Owl Garden

The Owl Gardens have been thoughtfully designed and planted in order to create an intimate setting which allows visitors a rare opportunity to observe all the British Owls, as well over 30 other spectacular species from around the world.

A fantastic opportunity to get a brilliant picture... in fact they may even be offended if you don't photograph them!

Owlet Room

Throughout Spring and Summer see our owlets in the Owlet Room, from the newly hatched to young adults. You might be lucky enough to observe the owlets being hand fed by our Owl Keeper. In Autumn and Winter, this room becomes an 'everything owl' information room to explore.

Two owlets sitting on a branch looking amazing

  Lovely place for kids and adults who love animals,
and particularly owls!