Small Breeds Farm Park
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Introducing the small animals at the
Small Breeds Farm Park

Goulian Finches

  An abundance of cute ... from Guinea Pigs to mini goats.  

Red Squirrel

  Fab for rainy days as all under cover.  


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Discover the many small animals at the Small Breeds Farm Park

Be entertained by the antics of the delightful little creatures in our small animal house: guinea pigs and rabbits. Be enchanted by the sounds and colours of the Finch and Canary collection.

Did you know that in remote areas of Peru it is common for people to live to 125? One of the reasons they give for this longevity is eating Guinea Pigs. You may notice Guinea Pig does not feature on the tea room menu.

The red squirrels inhabit the Millenium Dome beneath a canopy of mature oak trees.


Goulian Finch

Red Squirrels

  Anyone who likes goats will almost certainly want to feed the pygmies, which are, possibly, the cutest animals in the world.  

M. Bridgett