Small Breeds Farm Herefordshire

OUR Owls

OUR Owls

It has taken many years to gather together one of the finest breeding collections of Owls in Europe.

White Faced Owls

White Faced Owls

Ptilopsis Granti

 Native to Africa. This species has distinctive orange/red eyes, but when confronted with danger they squint their eyes and narrow their bodies to hide. 

Tengmalms Owl

Tengmalms Owls

Aegolius Funereus

Known as the Boreal owl in North America and Tengmalms owl in Europe. This small owl has a large head and yellow eyes.

Tawny Owls

Tawny Owls

Strix Aluco

The most common of the British owls, Known for their ‘Twit twoo’ call.

Spectacled Owls

Spectacled Owls

Pulsatrix Perspicillata

 Found across South America. This owl was named due to the facial markings around the eyes.

Mottled Owls

Mottled Owls

Strix Virgata

A medium sized owl found in South America. This species has been known to prey on bats amongst other small mammals.

Barn Owl

Barn Owls

Tyto Alba 

From the family Tytonidae which includes all owls with a heart shaped facial disk. The most widely distributed species of owl in the world.

Indian Scops

Indian Scops Owls

Otus Bakkamoena

Native to India and parts of Arabia. A small nocturnal owl with notable feather tufts.

Black Banded Owls

Black Banded Owls

Strix Huhula

Native to South America, this owl is very uncommon in captive collections. A striking bird with a bright orange beak and black plumage.


Mottled Owls

Vermiculated eagle owls

Bubo Cinerascens

 A small eagle owl also known as the Greyish eagle owl. Found in parts of Africa.

Barn Owl

Ural owls

Strix Uralensis

From Northern Europe to Japan, A rarely seen owl due to living in remote forest areas.

Indian Scops

Rusty barred owls

Strix Hylophila

Native to South America, rarely seen in captivity. This species is now classified as Near Threatened by IUCN.

Frogmouth Owls

Snowy owls

Bubo Scandiacus

A well-known Northern owl with white plumage. Classified as Vulnerable by IUCN.

Burrowing owl

Burrowing owls

Athene Cunicularia


A true owl of the family Strigidae. A small species native to America. Unlike most owls they nest in burrows often taken from prairie dogs.


Black Banded Owls

European scops owls

Otus Scops

The smallest owl we have in the owl garden. A migratory bird found in Europe and eastwards to Asia, wintering in Southern Europe and Africa.

Tropical screech owl

Tropical screech owls

Megascops Choliba

Native to South America this small owl is successful across its range feeding on small prey such as insects and frogs.

Melanistic barn owl

Melanistic barn owls

Tyto Alba

A naturally occurring, although rare, mutation of the Common Barn owl, resulting in darker plumage.

Ashy faced barn owl

Ashy faced barn owls

Tyto Glaucops

 Found only on the island of Hispaniola, the Ashy faced owl is under threat since the introduction of the American Barn owl to control rodent infestations.

Black Banded Owls

Little owls

Athene Noctua

Native to Europe the Little owl was introduced to Britain in the 19th century. Filling a gap that was otherwise absent they have flourished and spread across the country.


Boobook owl

Boobook owls

Ninox Boobook

The smallest owl on mainland Australia, these owls hunt by pouncing on prey from tree branches.

Western screech owl

Western screech owls

Megascops Kennicotti

A small owl native to America. Only distinguishable from the Eastern Screech owl by the different in their calls.

African Wood Owl

African wood owls

Strix Woodfordii

 As the name suggests they are native to Africa. The call is similar to that of a Tawny owl with males and females doing a duet.


African spotted eagle owl

African spotted eagle owls

Bubo Africanus

Smaller than other eagle owls, this owl takes on small mammals and birds. Like most owls they are monogamous and pair for life.

American barred owl

American barred owls

Strix Varia

 A large owl found in North America. With a rich hooting call heard often it its native areas.

Asian Brown Wood Owl

Asian brown wood owls

Strix Leptogrammica


Distributed across Sri Lanka, Borneo and Java. A woodland bird with brown plumage. 

Great horned eagle owl

Great horned eagle owls

Bubo virginianus

Common across the Americas. A ferocious owl with incredible crushing power in its talons.

Great grey owl

Great grey owls

Strix Nebulosa

Found across the Northern Hemisphere, this owl is the tallest in the world. But despite its visual size, long soft feathers hide a small body.


Verreauxs eagle owl

Verreauxs eagle owls

Bubo Lacteus

Often known as the Milky Eagle owl. The largest owl in Africa and a strong hunter taking on large prey such as secretary birds.

Long eared owl

Long eared owls

Asio Otus

Named for their long feather tufts these owls are found across Europe, Britain and North America.

Chaco Owls

Chaco Owls

Strix Chacoensis


A medium sized owl found in South America. Classified as Near Threatened by the IUCN due to habitat loss.

Eurasian Eagle Owl

Eurasian eagle owls

Bubo Bubo

 The largest owl in the world, preying on mammals and birds including buzzards. Native to Europe.